Get Paid for Photos

Another way of earning money online is by sharing original photographs/images. If you enjoy photography and have some experience in taking good photographs, you can earn money from them!

There are some Photography websites who pay their members submitting their original photographs. Whenever the photographs submitted by the user are used or downloaded, the user will earn money! These websites are usually very popular and cater to magazines, website and other publishing companies. So you can be sure that your photographs will get exposure and you will earn money from good quality and creative photography. The websites that pay for photography are listed below.

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Apply to Dreamstime by registering and uploading your first files. Your application will be reviewed, and if you are approved, the images will be uploaded in your personal account.

As soon as your application is accepted, your files will be available for sale on the site. Upon review, the file will be included as a 0 level file. Depending on the quality of the shot, composition, subject and print size, the file will have more or less downloads than other similar shots. Once a file exceeds a certain amount of downloads, it automatically moved to a higher level and sells for a higher price. This approach is intended to give an equal chance to all files in the very beginning. It is also a way to encourage good shots that have fewer downloads, against other similar shots that have many downloads.

For each transaction, the photographer receives a 20-50 percent Revenue Share, which is calculated based on the net sales amount for the transaction. Exclusive images receive an additional 10 percent bonus, while exclusive photographers enjoy a 60 percent Revenue Share and an additional bonus of $0.20 for each approved submission.

Any photographer may request to be paid for his/her sales on as soon as the balance has reached $100 and the photographer submits a payment request from the Management Area. Payments  are made via bank, check, Paypal or Moneybookers.

Big Stock Photo

Become a member of BigStockPhoto for free and upload your pictures.
For Pay As You Go purchases they pay you 30% of the US dollar price every time a customer downloads one of your images (up to $29.70 for an extended license). For purchases made using credits they pay $0.50 USD for each credit spent. You can request a payout when your earnings reach $30.