Get Paid for Videos

You can now earn money for your videos! It is relatively a new concept brought about by the rising number of people watching videos online. Millions of websites currently show videos as a way of interacting with the website visitors. Video sharing networks make money from showing adverts on the side of the videos.

How does it work?

The first step is to learn how to create interesting videos. If you enjoy cooking, you could try cooking a number of recipes and ask your friend to record it for you. You can then create a website and post these videos and sign up with Google Adsense and show Google Ads. Since this concept is relatively new, you can get lots of traffic to your website and earn money! You could also upload these videos to the revenue sharing websites or sell your videos to the websites. The revenue sharing websites normally share the profits that your video generates whereas if you decide to sell the video, you will get a one-time fee. Some of the websites who buy videos or share revenue with video makers are listed here.


Available to US Residents only. Expo TV rewards members for sharing their reviews and shopping experiences with other consumers. Assignments are posted on the website which  range from providing how-to information to sharing your personal opinion on a topic to providing an unbiased product review. Each time your video is viewed, you will get $.01. So if it is viewed 1000 times, you will get $10.

Lulu TV is a social network that lets members share their content (videos, podcasts etc.) and earn money. Lulu TV sets aside 80 percent of the ad revenue into a community sharing pool which is then divided amongst the members according to the total times that their content has been played in a 30-day period of time. Hence, the amount you will earn depends upon the number of times your content is played.



Break is another website where you can upload content. Get rewarded when your video or photography is featured on the homepage. Earn up to $400 for original videos, $25 for original photos and up to $2,000 for original videos and animations IF the content gets featured on the Break Homepage.


MetaCafe is the one of the most popular video sharing network. Metacafe attracts high volume of traffic and loads of people all over the world watch videos at MetaCafe. Metacafe pays members for uploading useful videos, and their payment rate is $5 for every 1000 times your video is reviewed. The more popular the video, the more you earn!