Get Paid to Drive

Vehicle Advertising is very popular and quite effective. You must have seen advertisements on buses, vans and taxis. These adverts normally cover the body of the car (and not windows or windscreens) and are quite eye-catching. The advertisement can contain websites, telephone numbers, companies, products and services. Common advertisements include recent cinema film releases, beverages etc.

Do you own a car?  Register with the companies listed below and get paid to put adverts on your car. You can also get a free car with ads on it to drive. You can earn up to £300 or more per month for driving a car with Advertisements on it.


Most of these companies have some requirements for drivers. So in order for your application to be accepted, you must be a valid UK license holder, a current MOT, insurance on the car, average mileage, have road tax, where the car is parked at night etc. You will also need to provide proofs. Make sure you read all these requirements before applying. Your application is more likely to be accepted if you live in a major city e.g. London or if you drive on major motorway roads and park your car in high visibility areas. Getting paid to put advertisements on your car or drive a car with advertisements on it can earn you extra money every month, Without much effort on your part as you don’t have to change your driving habits.