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Get paid to review products, services, anything and everything. Learn how you can earn money by utilizing your writing skills.

Slice the Pie

Slice the Pie helps emerging and up-and-coming music artists to get noticed, and  enable them get people to listen to their music, gain their feedback, as well as to enable people to invest in the artists, giving the new artists financial backing. You don’t need to be an artist to earn money with Slice the Pie. You can also earn money as a music fan for listening, rating and reviewing music online. Earn 3p for every 30 second clip of a track that you rate and review.

Payments are made via by Paypal once you have reached £10 in your account. So, if you enjoy music, you can earn money from it by becoming a member of Slice the Pie.


Shared Reviews is a social network where members can review and read product reviews; vote on reviews and earn money for their overall participation in the community.

Review Stream

Review Stream pays members to write reviews on products/ services; anything and everything. Payments are made through Paypal, and minimum payout is $50.



Join Epinions and review products. Epinions share the revenue that they earn by your reviews, Minimum payout for international members is $100 and for US members is $10.



Dooyoo is one of the largest consumer network in Europe which pays its members for writing reviews. Join the network to and earn money for writing reviews on products/services. Share your experience and help others make informed purchases.


Ciao! the most popular and active consumers review site in Europe! Earn money for writing reviews about various products/services etc. at Ciao! Earn cash whenever the review you have written is read and rated.