Mystery Shopping

Do you enjoy shopping? Then become a Mystery Shopper. As a mystery shopper,

mystery shopping you
will have to evaluate products and services
of different companies, and earn money! You
will also get to keep the products.
Here is a list of mystery shopping companies
who hire mystery shoppers to shop for them.


Mystery Shopper US

Get a chance to become a Mystery Shopper, share your opinions on store layout, pricing, product selection and value for money and get $200 Gift Card to spend.

UK Mystery Shopper

UK Mystery Shopper allows a user to sign up and if selected they will receive a £100 voucher to spend in their favourite store! In exchange for the gift voucher, users write a review of their shopping experience on their blog.

Satisfaction Services

The Art of Mystery Shopping, provide mystery shopping services to companies. They select and train the mystery shoppers/evaluators based on a typical customer profile.

Retail Research Specialists

As the UK’s leading retail research specialist, the services they offer fall into 3 key categories: In-store Auditing, Mystery Shopping and Quantitative Research.

Coyle Hospitality Group

Established in 1996, based in New York, is a market leader in providing mystery shopping services and brand quality assurance services to hotels, restaurants and spas worldwide.

Aba Quality Monitoring

ABA Quality Monitoring Ltd is located in Stock port and is one of Europe’s leading providers of Mystery Customer services. They provide a range of services, and hires mystery shoppers to shop for them.