Get Paid To Shop

Did you know that you can earn money online by shopping on the internet? Cash back websites pay you when you shop online through them. They are free to register and fun to use. Most of them also pay their members for entering competitions, signing up for newsletters of their advertisers, participate in surveys, taking polls, and referring friends!

How does it work?
The cash back websites earn a commission when they refer visitors to their advertisers’ websites and they share this commission with their members. When the members of the cash back website clicks on the online retailer’s link, a cookie is logged onto their computer which tracks the transaction. The amount of cash back you get is usually a percentage of the amount you spent. As a member of cash back sites, not only you get cash back, but you also get better deals, and sometimes have access to special offers and discount coupons too!

Things to Consider
Research well before you join a cash back site. Read what the other members are saying about the website, when was it started, how much cash back you will receive per transaction, what offers and online retailers are available, the mode of payment and the minimum redemption amount. Most cash back sites pay through Paypal, but some of them prefer paying through cheques and BACs, to ensure that there is only one member per household. If you decide to join a cash back website which offers points redeemable for rewards, find out what rewards are available for how many points.

Some cash back sites also charge a small annual administration fee, which is usually deducted from the first transaction (first cash back amount that you earn). Don’t rush to join a newly formed cash back site, unless it’s backed by well reputed company. For earning money with a cash back site, you don’t always have to spend money. You can get paid for taking up offers and signing up for newsletters which can earn anywhere from £0.25 to £1. You can also get paid for referring friends, and earn a percentage of what they earn.

Most cash back sites reward members for referring friends and family to their website. This is called referral scheme, and it is another way of earning without spending money.

Earn cash back every time you shop! Never pay the full price again. The best cash back sites are listed below. Don’t forget to add this site to your Favourites.