Paid To Write

Have you heard of the phrase “Content is the King”? Good quality content is hard to find, and webmasters are always in search of writers to help them create high quality content for their website. They also need articles for promotion of their products/services or website.

If you enjoy writing and can write reasonably well, you can apply to become a content writer/ or sell your articles and earn money online! Below is a list of websites that either buy your content, or publish your content with advertisements surrounding your content. The Revenue generated by the advertisements is then split between you and the website.


Hubpages is another revenue sharing program where the writers are able to publish their content and earn money. Articles are referred to as hubs, and advertisements are placed on the hubs, and the advertising revenue is spilt between hubpages and the writers.

How does it work?
The first step is to register for free. Second step is to create hubs. A hub can have different modules e.g. photo, text, Amazon, Ebay etc. In the text module, you can write about anything, review a product, write about yourself, a website you enjoyed etc. You can add relevant photos and place them next to your text to make your “hub” attractive and to increase readability.

You can also add Amazon and Ebay Modules to your hubs. These show relevant products for sale, and you can earn commission when a visitor clicks on any of those items decides to make a purchase.

HubScore Each author and each of their hub is assigned a HubScore which is a measure of the usefulness/popularity of the hub and author. The higher the hubscore, the better the hub.

The best way of earning money online with hubpages is to write quality content. Research the topic thoroughly and write at least 1000 words on the chosen topic. Rate other hubs, interact with other hubs and ask them to visit and rate your hug too. This way you are sure to attract visitors. The more visitors you get, the better the chances of your earning good money.

Get Paid To Write Poetry

Enjoy writing Poetry? Why not earn money from it? Blue Mountain Arts is a greeting card publishing company that pays up to $300 per approved poem (worldwide). They also pay a one time amount of $50 for publishing your poem in their book. You can submit your poems either via post or email.


Text Broker is a marketplace for clients and authors. As a TextBroker Author, you can choose assignments that appeal to your personal knowledge and expertise.You will be paid for each assignment and there is either fixed rate or pre-negotiated rates. Each author’s work is regularly reviewed and rated by their editorial staff.

Write Jobs

The Write Jobs, is a part of Writers Write, Inc’s network of resources for creative professionals and is a specialty job board and career resource for journalism, media, publishing and writing professionals.



Apply to become a Writer at Essay Writers and earn money for completing orders. Earn upto $16 per page! Payments are made bi-monthly either via wire transfer or PayPal. Other options are also available. The more orders you take, the more you can earn.

Tutorial Tub

Get paid to write tutorials: Tutorials Tub is a website which invites authors to write tutorials and submit. These tutorials are reviewed and if approved are published. Google Ads are placed around the tutorials and the revenue generated by these ads is split (50/50). To earn money from tutorial tub, you must first sign up as a publisher with Google Adsense.

Constant Content

Join Constant Content for free, and sell articles or accept writing projects. Payments are made through PayPal and the Payment threshold is $50.


Similar to Ehow; Howtodothings is a free to register site; where contributors contribute sharetheir expertise with their articles. Other members rate the articles, and rate authors. Articles should be atleast 400 words long and are submitted for approval before they are published. HowToDoThings displays Google Ads and shares the revenue (50/50) with the contributers.

EHow; How to Articles

What is your area of expertise? Is it Cooking? Gardening? Cars? Share it on Ehow, and earn money. Payments are dependent on the popularity of your articles.